Bespoke shoes fundamentally differs from traditional market shoes. Heels& Flat Bespoke are focusing not only on how each pair is made, but we always question why it is made. Each pair of shoes is defined by its own purpose. We choose bespoke to express your personality, taste and lifestyle. 


Mens bespoke tailoring


We tailor mens bespoke shoes from all exotic materials. Each pair is handmade,

created   individually for each client.



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Womens bespoke tailori​ng


We also tailor for women, that give us opportunity to overcome  stereotypes about not comfortable high heel shoes. The pair can be tailored of any exotic leather and any design.


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Leather accesories


To make your wardrobe full and look finished, we can tailor custom made personalized accessories.

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How bespoke is made?


What is bespoke? How is it made? Why to do bespoke?


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Popular bespoke shoes

Croco monki

Croco loafers

Croco loafers

Our mission

We create the perfect, most comfortable experience that any shoe will ever offer you.


If you have any questions pleas write us