About us



Heels& Flat Bespoke came to life with a clear objective: to be a luxury experience which testifies to the excellence of Bespoke  craftsmanship. 


Today our team is headed by Two Sisters Nataliia ( Founder) and Anastasia ( Key Account Manager)  Rutynski 

Sisters have united highly educated professionals who has experience in their field more than 15 years. 


Heels & Flat Bespoke has over 15 skilled artisans.


Each pair is cut by hand from the worlds finest crocodile leathers. Crafted with attention to detail our shoes personify timeless elegance and style.


Heels & Flat Bespoke products are designed and handcrafted with idea that luxury goods should be timeless. 

Crocodile shoes, accessories and interior items are exclusive. 


Our workshop offers to customers elegant classic,  trend models, unique patina that is the result of years of experience of our craftsmen’s. 


Quality and sophistication – there are no other way to exceed our customers expectations.